12 Days 10 Nights Azerbaijan-Georgia-Armenia


12 Days 10 Nights Azerbaijan-Georgia-Armenia

Duration :   12 Days 10 Nights
The Price :   $4,600.00
Total Seats :  1000/1000

Schedule Details

Day 1: Singapore - Baku

Arrive at Baku Airport. Meet the guide and driver and transfer to the hotel. Overnight in Baku.

Day 2: Baku HTL – Absheron Peninsula - Baku O/N

Today after breakfast our guide will be waiting on reception in hotel. Excursion to Gobustan. Gobustan geographical region is situated in East Azerbaijan and borders on the southern slope of Big Caucasus ridge in the north, Pirsaat River in the west, Harami and Mishov mountains in the south, the Caspian Sea and Absheron peninsula in the east. Gobustan - is an archaeological reserve in Azerbaijan, south of Baku, in Garadagh and Absheron regions, representing a plain located between the south- eastern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and the Caspian Sea , and part of which is a cultural landscape of rock carvings , located in the 537 hectares. Sightseeing tour of Baku with a visit and tour of the monumental, historical and architectural monuments of the city: you will see a panorama of the city of Baku Bay and the Upland Park. Then follows the visiting of the old city *Icheri sheher-the inner city*. Icheri sheher means the inner city. It was called the inner after the oil boom of the middle of the XIX century when the city stopped to hold in defense walls and left its limit. Several tens of the historical- architectural monuments at the same time the Shirvanshakhs Palace, the symbol of Baku city The Maiden Tower, the place of merchants rest Karavansaray are concentrated in the Icheri sheher, with the square of 22 hectares. Icheri sheher is the live organism which has its own infrastructure and inhabited files. The place where 1300 families are living. In a word it is an ancient city in the modern city.   Overnight in Baku.

Day 3: Baku HTL -Shamakha – Sheki O/N

Azerbaijan has many secrets that are able to express the ancient beauty. Shamakhi is an especial city among the others. Long ago it was a capital of well-known Shirvan Empire. Here representatives of Shirvan Dynasty lived. Nowadays Shamakhi is thought to be a place with very developed winemaking. Visiting this city you have an opportunity to observe an outstanding mausoleum called Yeddi Gumbez. Its magnificent domes rise above the silent and lonesome landscapes and create mysterious atmosphere. Drive to Sheki. An excursion to Sheki will bring you a good portion of joy. This is the oldest city in Azerbaijan. In ancient times people sold silk here. It was famous among merchants from the Great Silk Road. Sheki has a big History museum where tourist could investigate artifacts from different periods. Another interesting place is Khan's summer Palace. It has wonderful facades decorated with floral motives. Interior design of it impresses even more. Here you can see different frescoes painted by the best craftsman.   Overnight in Sheki.

Day 4: Sheki - Lagodekhi border - Sighnaghi - Tbilisi O/N

In the morning, drive to Azer-Geo border – Lagodekhi. Change the guide and driver and continue to Georgia.   Firstly, have lunch with noodles, near the border.   We visit the picturesque small town of Sighnaghi, often referred to as the "Georgian Tuscany". This beautiful 18th-century town has a 4.8-kilometer-long wall with several watchtowers. Here, we'll take a stroll and enjoy the panoramic view of the Alazani Valley with the fascinating Caucasus Mountains in the background.   Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 5: Tbilisi HTL - Tbilisi City Tour - Tbilisi O/N

Today we are visiting the beautiful and lively capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. Our city tour starts at the orthodox Christian Metekhi Church, from where we can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire old town. The colorful wooden balconies, fascinating architecture, and the blend of modern culture create an extraordinary impression. We will explore on foot and visit several historical and modern landmarks, such as the Sioni Cathedral, Anchiskhati Church, Karavansaray, Synagogue, Peace Bridge, Marionette Theater, and much more. We will also delight in a cable car ride from Rike Park to the Narikala Fortress, and finally, we will visit the sulphur baths district, with their beautiful colorful mosaics and brick domes.   In the evening, visit the Chronicles of Georgia monument.   Free time before dinner.   Dinner at a local restaurant with traditional folk show.   Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 6: Tbilisi HTL - Jvari church and Svetitskoveli cathedral - Ananuri Complex - Gergety Trinity Church (by 4X4 vehicles) - Tbilisi O/N

In the morning, we will make our way towards Georgia’s ancient capital, Mtskheta. Here we will visit two of the most important sacred places: Jvari Monastery (6th century), where we can take in a fabulous view, then Svetiskhoveli Cathedral built from greenish stones (11th century), which is an exceptional example of ecclesial architecture and where, according to legend, the robe of Christ is buried. Both sites are on the UNESCO Heritage List.   We will go sightseeing at the Ananuri Complex (17th c.), which overlooks Zhinvali Reservoir, and view the carved facades of its main church, upon which we can find special works of craftsmanship: carved crosses, archangels, fictitious creatures and trees of life.  It is a unique example of Georgian ecclesial architecture.   Today, we are driving with off-road vehicles from Stepantsminda to the Gergeti Trinity Church. From the church, weather permitting, we can admire the majestic 5054-meter-high Mount Kazbek, the "White Pearl of the Caucasus." Let's embark on this enchanting journey and savor the beauty of the Caucasus to the fullest.   Lunch at a local family, with homemade Georgia dumplings – Khinkali / Or, lunch at an Indian restaurant.   Overnight in Tbilisi.   ** In winter some areas might not be accessible. In this case, we will have this program: In the morning, we will make our way towards Georgia’s ancient capital, Mtskheta. Here we will visit two of the most important sacred places: Jvari Monastery (6th century), where we can take in a fabulous view, then Svetiskhoveli Cathedral built from greenish stones (11th century), which is an exceptional example of ecclesial architecture and where, according to legend, the robe of Christ is buried. Both sites are on the UNESCO Heritage List.   Later, visit Uplitsikhe cavetown, and Stalin Museum.   Lunch with homemade vegetable soup and noodles.

Day 7: Tbilisi HTL – Georgia-Armenia Border Crossing (Sadakhlo) - Haghpat Monastery - Dilijan Visit - Sevan Lake - Yerevan O/N

Meet at the hotel, and transfer to Sadakhlo border. Change the guide and vehicle and continue your journey from the Bagratashen border (it may take more or less one hour).   Continue to Haghpat Monastery, (10th-c.) one of the prominent spiritual and cultural centers, which had popular school and printing house. The complex is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage for its unique architectural design as well as famous gavit (vestry). Lunch in a local restaurant.   Head to Dilijan to enjoy its natural and architectural monuments of antiquity, the mountains and the forests that surround you at any point in the city. In the "Old Town" you will see unique balconies and terraces typical of 19th century Dilijan that display the region’s historical love for fine woodwork.   Scenic drive along the pearl of Armenia, Lake Sevan, which covers over 10% of the country's territory. Lake Sevan is one of Armenia's most iconic and picturesque destinations, attracting tourists from all around the world. This freshwater lake is not only the largest in Armenia but also one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world. Its stunning beauty and rich historical and cultural significance make it a must-visit for tourists Lake Sevan is renowned for its exceptional natural beauty. Perched on the northwestern shore of Lake Sevan, Sevanavank is a historic and spiritual site that should not be missed. It consists of two medieval Armenian monastic churches, dating back to the 9th century. The complex provides incredible views of the lake and its surroundings, making it an ideal spot for taking in the scenery and capturing memorable photographs.   Check-in at the hotel in Yerevan. Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Yerevan.

Day 8: Yerevan HTL - Yerevan Full Day City Tour - Matenadaran Institute of Ancient Manuscripts - Genocide Memorial & Museum - Yerevan O/N

Depart for the Yerevan half day city tour that includes all the major sights of the capital.  Yerevan is on the list as one of the world’s “Oldest continuously inhabited cities “, dating back to 8th century BC. It's very lively with open cafes, eateries and local markets... Enjoy a panoramic view of Opera House, the magnificent scenery of the two ice-capped biblical Mount Ararat, Swan Lake, Northern Avenue and Republic Square which is considered one of the most amazing and famous places of the capital.   Visit “Matenadaran” a home to the world’s largest collection of Armenian illuminated manuscripts. In the funds of  Matenadaran you will have a chance to see the biggest book weighing 28 kilograms, and the smallest one weighing only 19 grams. Every nation can find something interesting in this research institute as it's a unique place and has manuscripts of over 18000 from all over the world (closed on Mondays).   Lunch in a local restaurant.   Head to the Genocide museum which displays unprecedented international documents on Armenian Genocide, the first Genocide of the 20th c. After the museum tour, we will explore the memorial complex of Tsitsernakaberd dedicated to 1.5 million victims (museum closed on Mondays).   Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Yerevan.

Day 9: Yerevan HTL - Khor Virap Monastery - Etchmiadzin Cathedral - Treasury Museum of the Mother Cathedral - Machanents Tourism & Art Center – Zvartnots Cathedral - Yerevan O/N

Visit Khor Virap Monastery (“deep pit”), (4th c. A.D) at the base of Mount Ararat. Enjoy also the beautiful view to the biblical Ararat Mountain, were Noah’s arch cast an anchor. *Please note that the visibility may be difficult depending on weather conditions.   Head to Etchmiadzin, the center of Armenian Christianity, which is considered to be the “Vatican” city of Armenia with the Holy See of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Visit the Cathedral, built in 301-303 A.D and declared UNESCO world heritage. Being the first state Christian church in the world the cathedral boasts of its unique architectural style and frescos that were worked out during centuries by a generation of painters belonging to one and the same dynasty. Legend has it that it was here that Jesus Christ descended from Heaven to show where he wanted a church to be built. NOTE: In the Etchmiadzin Cathedral there have been cosmetic reconstruction processes lately and a new layer of frescos was discvered and by the announcement of the government the cathedral is blocked, as they are doing researches and new excavations too. This means that the tour to the cathedral will not be realized and the guests might not see the inside of the church. ­ Visit the Museum of the Mother Cathedral – “Treasury” which houses 1700 years of treasures collected by the church, including the Holy Lance (Surp Geghard), the weapon used by a Roman soldier to pierce the side of Christ on his way to Calvary (closed on Mondays).   Proceed to Machanents Tourism and Art center for a wonderful local experience. In this complex there is an Art school, National cuisine school, Theatre-studio and unique "Innovation Ethnic Regional Center", which have about 250 students including vulnerable groups /orphans, disable children and the ones from poor families. The profit gained from these services goes for the charitable programs of "Cross of Armenian Unity" NGO. Lately Machanents also opened a special community project – a restaurant where only the retired people work. Participate in the ceremony of Armenian traditional tandoor "lavash" (local bread - a UNESCO heritage) baking. You will have the opportunity to follow the whole process of how formless dough turns into one of the finest jewels of Armenian cuisine.   Lunch at Machanents Center.   Visit 7th century Zvartnots Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage), which was excavated and reconstructed in the early 20th century. The overall bold design and construction represents architectural innovation at its finest.  It is originally a masterpiece of Middle Ages as having unique design and architecture techniques employed in its construction it had global influence on architecture of the time.   Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Yerevan.

Day 10: Yerevan HTL - Symphony of Stones - Garni Temple - Geghard Monastery - Megerian Carpet Factory - Yerevan O/N

Descend the Azat River Gorge, where the “Symphony of Stones” or “Basalt Organ” seats. Those basalt columns were formed as a result of slow-moving lava. This natural monument is the highlight of the area and a favorite picnic spot for the locals.   Visit Garni village, famous for its Hellenistic pagan temple of the 1st c. It’s the only pagan temple that survived after the Christianization of Armenia. The place is particularly famous for its nice landscapes and the extraordinary view opening to the gorge and surrounding mountains.   Visit the Geghard Monastery (4th c. A.D and an UNESCO World Heritage site with enhanced protection.) It contains a number of churches and tombs, most of them cut into the rock, which illustrate the very peak of Armenian medieval architecture. The complex of medieval buildings is set into a landscape of great natural beauty, surrounded by towering cliffs at the entrance to the Azat Valley. The spot is the most famous among the locals for the baptism ceremonies and weddings so very often you will be an ad hoc participant of the traditional events when visiting the site. Enjoy Armenian vocal performance of medieval church songs.   Visit Megerian Carpet Factory where you can enjoy the rich traditions of the Armenian rug weaving culture that is famous to the world since even before 5th c. B.C.  You could see many antique rugs dating back over 500 years.   Farewell dinner in a local restaurant in Yerevan. Overnight at the hotel in Yerevan.

Day 11: Yerevan HTL - Yerevan Airport Departure

Departure transfer to Zvartnots International Airport.

What's Included

  • 10 nights’ Accommodation with Daily Breakfast
  • Air tickets
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Entrance Fee
  • Tour as per Itinerary
  • Travel in an air-conditioned luxury tour bus